Gig Pigs Wales

This was definitely a home grown gig, with all three bands coming from Glasgow. The bands were similar in style and audience had their favourites. First up o this three band evening were Titan Breed

The 5 band members are all quite typical rockers. The raw vocals of Johnny are well supported and their fans thoroughly enjoyed the 5 song set. By the final track, they were ready for a mosh pit. While the band continued on stage, Johnny joins the small crowd in a frenzy of head banging.

Johnny Hollis - vocals
Pete McCoy - guitar, vocals
Stewart Brown - guitar
Mark McMillan - Bass
Lewis Kelly - Drums

Mason Hill

Next up, and we'd been looking forward to seeing them again sine May, when they'd supported Marco on two of his UK gigs. We'd also heard great things about them since, and they'd been selected at the HRH battle of the bands in Sheffield.

Mason Hill took the stage with the enthusiasm and excitement rarely seen in rock. They played a fantastic set kicking off with 'Survive' and including 'out of Reach' , a great cover of the classic 'Mississippi Queen' before finally being able to leave the stage after 'Now you See me'. Even the technical hitch affecting the bass guitar did not dampen the passion and spirit of the band. The connection that Scott makes with the crowd draws you in. With intricate guitar solos and heavy drumming, they brought the now crowded venue to life. 

A cryptic Facebook promise of an announcement was fulfilled when Scott took the opportunity to let everyone know of their first headline show, supported by Massive Wagons in the Cat House, Glasgow, on Friday 3rd March 2017. It will be a great night for anyone thinking of a weekend in Glasgow.

ScottTaylor Vocals
James Bird - Guitar
Marc Montgomery, Guitar
Matthew Ward bass
Craig McFetridge- drums

The Attica Rage faithful had their patience rewarded when the final act of the night appeared on stage. Not content with playing a full set with Mason Hill, Matthew Ward changed his tee shirt and returned to play with Attica Rage. Obviously influenced by the likes of Metallica and Megadeth they bashed out their music with clear passion until the all too early curfew forced them to stop.

Richie Rage - Drums
Johnny Parr - vocals, Guitar
Steve Bell. Guitar
Matthew Ward Bass

Attica Rage + Mason Hill + Titan Breed

O2 Academy Glasgow

28 October 2016