Gig Pigs Wales

Gig pigs have a few ‘favourite’ cover bands that we make an effort to see when they are in town. Aussie Floyd is one of them. There are not many cover bands that have the sort of following that would fill Motorpoint. However, they consistently manage to reproduce not just the sound, but ambience that the original Pink Floyd commanded at their live gigs.

Many of the tracks played came from the late 1970s albums of Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall and Animals and were complemented by a picture and light show seeped in humour and irony.The tracks they select are not precise replicas, but inject the bands own character and skill. Early in the set, ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’ is played with the practiced skill of a well rehearsed band. The musicians and singers coming together to create a sound very reminiscent of the era in which the original music was written. The hating vocals of ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ are shared between the three vocalists with voices that blend into each other with crystal clarity.

The show is not just about the music, but a very visual performance. The use of laser lights for, amongst others, ‘Wish You Were Here’ was dramatic and spellbinding.  Each strum of the guitar lighting up the auditorium with bright green light. As the first half of the set ends with ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ an enormous blow up teacher towers over the stage, waving his cane… yes… you, laddie!!

Huge inflatable props continue in the second part. The huge pink kangaroo dominates centre stage  for ‘One of these Days’ - bouncing as the track builds to a crescendo. Unsurprisingly, a large pig appears to Pigs. With a phenomenal set coming to an end, the sell out crowd stood, clapping and cheering and crying for an encore. To the obvious surprise of the band, no-one retook their seats. The barrier was suddenly crowded as the audience joined in with ‘Run Like Hell’.

Aussie Floyd know how to put on a great show!

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Steve Mac (Guitar/Vocals)
Jason Sawford (Keyboards)
Colin Wilson (Bass/Vocals)
Paul Bonney (Drums)
David Dommimney Fowler (Guitar/Vocals)
Chris Barnes (Vocals)
Ricky Howard (Bass/Vocals)
Lara Smiles (Vocals)
Emily Lynn (Vocals)
Mike Kidson (Saxaphone)
Lorelei McBroom (Vocals)

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

15 October 2016