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Federal Charm

Mojo Sinners


8 July 2016

Clwb Ifor Bach,  Cardiff

First up on the triple bill was Blackballed. A 'groove rock' three piece from Manchester. They were new to us, and playing to a sparsely populated Club Ifor Bach didn't seem to phase them at all, with a half hour set of their own work. We have given their album and EP a listen, and are particularly taken with 'Olde England.Gig Pigs would like to see them again.


Marshall Gill - Guitar, Vocals

Leon Gill - Drums, Vocals

Tom Wibberley - Bass

Mojo Sinners are one of our favourite local bands. As usual, they gave us a thoroughly entertaining set with great guitar riffs and energetic drumming, all held together by a steady bass. We can't wait to hear their new material which is in the pipeline. Mojo Sinners are opening up Rockstock in December - they will certainly get the audience going.

Mojo Sinners:

David Williams - Guitar, Vocals

Dane Campbell - Drums

​Ross McInch - Bass, Vocals

Federal Charm were the final act of the evening, partway through their 'Crossing the Divide' tour. A rock blues band also from Manchester. Not content with delivering their own music flawlessly, a cover of Tom Petty's 'I should Have Known it' was also included in their set of 15 track. While Paul swaggers about the small stage giving it all with his riffs, Nick sings, effortlessly bringing the music to life supported by a solid rhythm section. They are a thoroughly entertaining band and having seen them three times, they remain on our list as a ‘must see’ band. Sadly, though, we have other commitments which prevent us from seeing them again when they return to Cardiff along with Aaron Keylock and Simo at The Globe, 18 November 2016. Their album ‘Crossing the Divide’ is an essential for any rock blues fan.

Federal Charm

Nick Bowden - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Paul Bowe - Guitar

L.D. Morawski - Bass

Danny Rigg - Drums