Gig Pigs Wales

The Cadillac 3

O2 Academy, Bristol

11 November 2016

‚ÄčThe O2 Academy in Bristol was the venue for what we hoped would be a great night of 'Southern Rock'. The support act, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown took to the stage like a headline act. Engaging the crowd, we heard that Tyler was Jaren's neighbour, co-wrote a bunch of songs with him, including 'The House that Jack Built' which they performed during their set. I'd noticed the strange drum set up, which became clear as (the drummer) almost dismantled it on stage - standing on his bass, taking his (other drum) into the crowd in a one man demonstration of drummer theatrics. Tyler is a great singer, combining it with playing the guitar and the group themselves are a tight bunch. It was apparent that they enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching them.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Tyler Bryant 

Caleb Crosby 

Graham Whitford

Noah Denney

After about an hour, they left the stage with the whole audience cheering for more. The Cadillac 3 did not disappoint. They were on stage for just short of 2 hours giving us southern rock at its best. The combination of Jaren's heavily accented vocals, Neil's drumming and the lap-steel is a unique sound, and one worth searching out. Starting their set with I'm Southern, they gave us the expected tracks from their first album, such as Tennessee Mojo and  as well as some from the new one, Bury Me in my Boots including their single, 'Drunk Like You', and with each one the capacity crowd joined in singing, clapping and cheering. The influx of Southern Rock into the rock scene is a welcome one and TC3 are encouraging it. Each time we have seen them, Jaren dedicates a song to his wife who comes to every performance, she is the inspiration for his words as well as some of his stage humour! With this band, what you see is what you get. Unashamedly Southern, they are honest, talented and unique.

By 9:45, we could tell their set was coming to a close. The three of them left the stage to some of the loudest cheering I have ever heard. After a short break, they returned to an encore. However, they also brought Tyler and his band on stage as well. This will be one of the few occasions that there will be a proper bass guitar on the TC3 stage. Together they performed Honey Bee and wound the crowd up more as they played, sang and danced on the crowded stage. Tyler retreated backstage to allow TC3 to play their encore, the Gigs Pigs favourite White Lightening and Southern.

All too soon, it was over.  If you have never seen The Cadillac 3 live, find a gig and go. If you've never heard their music, their albums Tennessee Mojo and Bury me in my Boots are well worth listening to.

The Cadillac Three

Jaren Johnston - Vocals, Guitar

Neil Mason - Drums

Kelby Ray - Lap-Steel