Over the last year or so, we have had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Colour of Noise several times, and what lovely lads they are.

Bruce John Dickinson (Lead Guitar) and Randy Nixon (Drums) kindly agreed to talk to us about themselves, the band and their musical aspirations.

We knew that the venue for Stone Free was a little different to the more 'normal' gig set up, so, how did they think it went - their performance at the inaugural Stone Free Festival?

Randy  told us 'I really enjoyed it - it was different, having an audience that was mostly walkbys'. Bruce agreed, saying they hadn't done anything like that before.  Whilst we were on the subject of the festival, we talked about what they thought of the festival itself. Bruce said that although they'd done quite a few festivals, this one was very different and seemed well organised. Festivals are risky - the weather can be cruel, but having it inside takes away some of that risk.

Both Bruce and Randy were keen to talk about the new album that is underway. and they are really excited about the project. They are recording it all in one room, to give it a more substantial feel. The new recording studio has a great feel to it and they have high hopes for another successful album.

After they had performed their set at Stone Free Festival,Colour of Noise met with Gig Pigs Wales for a bit of a chat......

Gig Pigs Wales

We asked them what we could expect.... 'No Ballards!' cried Randy. We aren't surprised by that -there are none on the first album either! They told us that the album will have a more ancient feel to it, with old fashioned blues coming together with rhythm and blues simplicity. Bruce has constructed the songs to give the music space so that the listener can pick out the different elements and let the music speak for itself. 

They are a band with big ambitions, with dreams of playing in big venues. To do that, they need to have simple arrangements that will play well in both smaller and large venues.

Colour of Noise have a few festivals scheduled in over the summer, but will be concentrating on the new album. They aren't under any pressure to bring it out quickly - preferring to get it right. They are also working hard in the Brighton rock scene helping newer bands.

From Gig Pigs perspective, we think those newer bands in Brighton could not ask for better, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them in December, at Rockstock, Trecco Bay, Porthcawl, South Wales, if not before.