Marco has a long history as a bass player,  having played with Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, and he is currently playing with The Dead Daisies.

Following the Dead Daisies tour towards the end of 2015, Marco returned to the UK with his own band, and playing significantly different music.

He came to Fuel Rock club in Cardiff, which is a small venue. He played mainly tracks from his own albums - Casa Mendoza and Live for Tomorrow. Marcos own music is very different to the rock music he is famous for in that he mixes jazz and blues, and enjoys the intimacy of the small venues.

Having enjoyed the January gig, we were delighted to hear that he was returning to the UK in April/May and was again supported by Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters. The tour kicked off in Merthyr Tydfil - in a pub.

​Unfortunately, his band had been held up in Italy, but, rather than cancel the gig, Marco spend a couple of hours working with Jack and Sam, and the evening became Marco Mendoza and the Beautiful Disasters, although other guitar players soon turned up to help out. Marco is such a generous artiste that he is very able and willing to share his stage. He is also quite happy to stroll out into the audience as far as his lead will let him. As a finale to the evening, Marco led a medley of Thin Lizzy classics.

The following week, we decided to head on up to Edinburgh to surprise Beth, and to see Marco again. By now, he had been joined by his band - Fabio Cerrone (Guitar) and Pino Liberti (Drums) so they were playing the set they had practised and rehearsed for. Marco pulls the audience in, and enjoys entertaining them as much as they enjoy watching him play.

He performed a long set clearly indulging his love of blues and jazz. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening vowing to catch him again when he returns to the UK.

17 January 2016 - Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

29 April 2016  - New Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydfil

7 May 2016 - Bannermans, Edinburgh

Marco Mendoza

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