Gig Pigs Wales

Stone Broken

Florence Black

The Attix

Black Water Chemistry

Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

30 September 2016

Having seen Stone Broken as support for Inglorious, we were pleased to see they included Cardiff on their own tour. Of the three support bands, we had seen two of them, and had heard pretty good things about the third.

It was a sell out gig, and we got to Fuel early - in time to catch the sound check - we sneaked a peek from the door. It was sounding good. Chats at the bar followed, and we took a spot near the front to watch ‘Black Water Chemistry’, an alternative metal band from Newport. They performed a short set, warming up the crowd nicely for the bands that would follow.

Their debut EP , A Thousand Ties is available from Bandcamp

Next up was The Attix. An indie rock/ pop project fronted by talented young singer, Chris Williams.

After two completely different support bands, we knew what to expect with Florence Black, having seen them at a couple of gigs previously.  As the support band for the tour, they were now on home soil, and their loyal supporters would be out in force. Florence Black is a three piece band from Merthyr, and by the time they hit the stage, Fuel was full. They blew the roof off, and the mosh pit showed how much the audience loved them.

Their debut EP is available

Finally, the act we had been waiting for, Stone Broken took to the stage. They really are a talented group. Rich Moss (vocals/guitar) has an impressive voice and delivers his lyrics with confidence and conviction, drawing the audience in to every line. Robyn Haycock (Drums) guides the band through their tracks with clear enjoyment and enthusiasm.  A smile on her face as the band work their way through tracks such as ‘Not Your Enemy’ and ‘Stay All Night’ from their debut album ‘All in Time’. When it came to ‘Wait for you’, Rich gave us a bit of a mention - we are one of many couples who are lucky enough to have their photo in the video. Kieron Conroy (Bass) and Chris Davis (Lead Guitar) play with a relaxed and confident style of seasoned professionals.  Throughout the set, I was struck by how young they are, and how much talent they have. They have a hard rock sound reminiscent of Nickleback, and have a solid management team behind them to help develop and promote them. With a multi album deal with Frontiers records, we expect them to become a flagship band for the future of British rock. They are beginning work on their second album, and we can’t wait to hear news of a release date. Gig pigs are looking forward to seeing them again soon…They have the honour of opening up Planet Rockstock in December.

Stone Broken
Rich Moss - Vocals / Guitar
Chris Davis - Guitar / Vocals
Kieron Conroy - Bass
Robyn Haycock - Drums / Vocals