Gig Pigs Wales

UFO + Reds'cool

Tramshed, Cardiff

2 November 2016

This is a hard rock band from Saint- Petersburg, Russia who we had seen them on UFO's previous tour in 2015 and quite enjoyed their hard rock set. They played a full on high energy rock, and have a good pedigree having shared the stage with many of the top bands in europe. 

Lead singer, Slava Spark plays to the audience, and his full on action and eye contact can be a little unnerving at times! They are a band worth catching if you can.


Sergey Fedotov - Guitar

Ilya Smirnov - Guitar, vocal

Slava Spark - Vocal

Dmitry Pronin - Bass, vocal

Andrey Kruglov - Drums

UFO is a well worn, traditional British band - They are tried and tested, but can still out perform a lot of younger bands with their busy schedule and a huge catalogue of 22 studio albums. Phil Mogg chats to the audience about all sorts of random things, and the whole band obviously enjoy delivering their own brand of rock. Starting out with ‘We Belong to the Night’, they performed a great set of old favourites - including ‘Lights Out’, ‘Love to Love’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle’ as well as some newer material ‘Run Boy Run’  and ‘Messiah of Love’ from the 2015 album ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’. The highlight of the set, though, is Cherry, with its dominant and moving bass lines that Rob de Luca delivers flawlessly, With Vinnie Moore on lead guitar and Paul Raymond on Keyboard and guitar they blend their music their down to earth attitude shines through, held together by the superb drumming of Andy Parker. Once again, they have shown themselves to ge a great set of musicians with a combined talent that is hard to beat.


Phil Mogg - Vocals

Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Guitar

Vinnie Moore - Guitar

Rob de Luca - Bass

Andy Parker - Drums